Our Approach

Hardware + Edge Technology Combined With Software, Analytics and Applications to Unleash Efficiency and Productivity.

How we do it

The Industrial Internet is growing rapidly with more than 50 billion assets connected by 2020. Every day, new applications are developed to make work environments more productive and even drive revenue in retail settings. Current combines energy efficiency solutions like LED lighting and solar with connected sensors and controls to create intelligent environments that are not only efficient, but deliver additional productivity outcomes.

  • LED Lighting & Solar

    We start with energy-saving technologies as the foundation as it offers an immediate payback. And in the right geographies and building footprints, solar power is a compelling solution. Because lighting is ubiquitous in its placement throughout buildings, the conversion to LED lighting is a prime opportunity for deploying sensor-enabled networks.

  • Sensors & Controls

    The energy efficiency achieved with a LED lighting foundation supports the deployment of a wireless and open sensor network. Because the fixtures are pervasive, they create the perfect host for sensors and software. The result is a digital infrastructure that not only illuminates spaces, but brings valuable insights to light.

  • Energy Management Solution

    Current’s EMS for multisite clients combines disparate hardware, software, and service components regardless of vendor or vintage into a secure, single-source platform. Energy savings and business productivity outcomes can be viewed at a macro level or down to an individual room.

  • Productivity & Revenue Apps

    Once a wireless and open infrastructure is in place, customers can use a variety of software and services to literally grow their businesses. Outcomes range from increasing basket size for retailers to improving space utilization in an office environment to inventory and asset management in warehouses and quality in manufacturing.

Who we work with

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How our solutions come to life

Smart Technologies

Current leads the industry with our alternative energy technologies. But we go beyond helping you reduce energy consumption and costs. We can equip our hardware with intelligent endpoints, such as energy load controls, sensors, motion detectors or Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled monitoring, to collect valuable data about your operation. This way, we can turn any energy system into a wirelessly networked intelligent environment.

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man using predix on tablet man using predix on tablet
man using predix on tablet man using predix on tablet

Powered by Predix

At the intersection of people, machines, big data and analytics stands Predix. GE’s powerful cloud-based platform is the backbone of the Industrial Internet, collecting data from our networked intelligent endpoints. Predix is the foundation for all of GE’s Industrial Internet applications, including analytics and monitoring software that provides secure, scalable support for the solutions you rely on. We can help you see what’s working efficiently and what’s not, from energy usage inside your buildings to traffic patterns on the street.

Enhanced by Partnerships

Since Predix is an open platform, the data we collect can be accessed by anyone who wants to partner with us. That means everyone from independent developers to companies like Accenture and Cisco use Predix data to fuel their software applications. Enterprise management systems. Real-time consumer services. Trend forecasting tools. With our ever-expanding partner ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.

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You need more than just someone that provides a product. You need a partner, and Current has been a great partner.

David Graham, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of San Diego

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