Welcome to the future of energy

Introducing Current, powered by GE, a digital power service built to transform the way we use energy.

Imagine using the most advanced technologies to make real-time decisions about your energy use. Imagine intelligent environments where buildings can generate power on site, or on the grid through networked lighting. Imagine smart cities configured with eco-friendly LED lighting systems networked with sensors.

The future of energy is here.

Current, powered by GE, will meet the unique needs of a wide range of utility, Commercial & Industrial and municipal customers and provide them with Predix enabled hardware and software they need to be more reliable, efficient, and profitable. Current will deliver a combination of financing with GE's physical and digital capabilities across energy efficiency, solar, storage, and onsite power.

Reduce energy costs

Reduce energy costs

Current will optimize a solution that reduces energy, produces power on site and shifts usage with a comprehensive set of Ecomagination certified LED lighting systems, energy storage, solar, and gas fired technology options. Our team will:

  • Advise, build, finance and operate the solution to create immediate customer benefits
  • Continuously monitor performance to ensure and identify opportunities for energy savings
Enable intelligent environments

Enable intelligent environments

We enable intelligent environments where lighting is networked with sensors that capture usage and energy consumption data to dynamically improve productivity. Our technology:

  • Places the industrial internet at the center of our intelligent environments, which delivers deep analytical insights to fully maximize your assets
  • Future-proofs your operation using a one-time installation process
  • Provides capabilities that grow and evolve through our partner application network
Drive grid reliability for utilities

Drive grid reliability for utilities

Current advances grid reliability and resiliency for utilities with solutions to meet the future challenges created by an increasingly distributed electric grid. Our Predix enabled hardware and software will provide:

  • Radical gains in grid efficiency
  • Increased penetration of clean, distributed energy
  • Smarter infrastructure solutions

Current’s Predix solutions are the link to the future of energy. They’re designed to provide safe, reliable and cost effective electricity to cities and customers as well as a robust, connected platform for utilities.

We’re a new kind of company, a start-up within our walls. We are inventors, technologists, and specialists who are paving the way for new and exciting ways to catalyze the energy sector. We’re powering the future of energy. Watch how.

Current brings innovation in one place by combining GE’s capabilities in LED, Solar, Energy Storage, Onsite generation, and Electric Vehicle infrastructure into a sustainable energy ecosystem that benefits our customers and partners.

Infographic about how Current works
Assess and Analyze

Assess and Analyze

We’ll figure out your energy strategy by assessing and analyzing your energy usage and its effects on your operations. Our evaluation is meant to future proof risk and identify solutions that will help convert your energy consumption into increased productivity.

Recommend Hardware and Software

Recommend Hardware and Software

Whether you are a hospital, a university, retail store or a city, Current will provide hardware, software and financing solutions to make you more reliable, efficient, and profitable. This means unlocking new revenue streams through the use of sensors and networked systems.

What Customers are Saying

GE’s energy solutions are driving innovation at our properties across the globe from advanced EV charging stations to the evolution of LED lighting systems. By integrating GE’s energy assets and advanced software solutions built on Predix, Hilton Worldwide is confident that GE will continue to set the industry standard for commercial energy systems and solutions that boost efficiency and drive down operating costs.

Joseph Berger
Executive Vice President & President, Americas for Hilton Worldwide

As part of Simon’s continued effort to improve energy efficiency at its properties, the company is exploring several new energy saving opportunities, in addition to our use of LEDs, including innovative new battery storage concepts. Pairing these technologies with GE’s Predix data systems and software could lead to powerful, cost effective, efficient energy solutions. With more than 200 malls, The Mills and Premium Outlets in North America, Simon’s scale lends itself well to testing energy efficiency programs for potential use across its portfolio.

Tim Earnest
Executive Vice President, Simon Management Group

Walgreens has a history of implementing environmentally sustainable technologies in our retail footprint. For more than 25 years, we have worked with GE to bring improved lighting technologies to stores and most recently installed GE’s environmentally-sustainable LED lighting products in some of our stores. It is important that we continue to find innovative, sustainable technology and explore ways to leverage software platforms like GE’s Predix to assess our energy needs and increase efficiency. That is not only smart for our communities and planet but also make good business sense.

Matt Harris
Divisional Vice President of Facilities Asset Management, Walgreens

Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, is pleased to be one of several companies named by GE as a partner in Current. We have been engaged with GE since 2009, developing and applying advanced energy management strategies including control of lighting, renewable energy, heating and cooling operations. These integrated energy management strategies make commercial and industrial buildings measurably more comfortable, productive and sustainable. Because lighting and HVAC together account for 60-70 percent of a typical building’s total energy consumption (U.S. Department of Energy).

Dave Regnery
President of Commercial HVAC North America and EMEA, Trane

Our Location

Current, powered by GE will be headquartered in the greater Boston metropolitan area with additional presence in Silicon Valley. This is an obvious choice for GE. As an innovation hub, Boston offers tremendous access to high-tech and software development talent, as well as incredible university partnerships. The region also provides convenient access to several GE innovation labs where customers can test and innovate close to where they do business.


Maryrose Sylvester

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Maryrose leads a dynamic leadership team delivering integrated and technology-enabled energy solutions to manage the complex energy needs of our customers.  

Jaime Irick

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Jaime will oversee sales activities for Current. He brings tremendous expertise and knowledge from his leadership roles spanning his 12-year career at GE.  

Oscar Villalonga

Managing Director, Project Finance

Oscar will serve as Managing Director of Project Finance and will help build project financing structures for Commercial & Industrial and Municipal customers.  

Jeff Wyatt

General Manager, Renewables Business Development

Jeff will serve as General Manager, overseeing Renewables Business Development. He will leverage his business leadership in entrepreneurial environments and his expertise in energy markets to shape Current’s solutions strategies today and well into the future.  

Dr. Pratima Rangarajan

General Manager, Product & Engineering for Storage

Pratima brings 15 years of experience in the energy sector with a focus on power, water and energy storage. She will serve as Current’s General Manager, overseeing Product and Engineering for Storage.  

Erik L. Schiemann

General Manager, Product & Engineering for Solar

Erik is responsible for managing Current’s solar portfolio and developing solar power capabilities and solutions for customers.  

Seth Cutler

General Manager, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Seth will serve as General Manager for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, bringing a strong background in developing new business models.  

Brian Case

General Manager, Commercial & Industrial

Brian will serve as General Manager for the Commercial & Industrial marketplace and will help the team orchestrate unique energy solutions for C&I customers in this rapidly growing space.  

Deb Frodl

Launch Leader

Deb will serve as the Launch Leader for Current. She will continue to lead GE’s Ecomagination efforts, a role she has held for the past 3 years.  

Bethany Napoli

Global Talent Officer

Bethany will serve as Global Talent Officer shaping Current’s talent and culture. She comes to Current with a unique blend of human resources leadership experience within energy and software.  

Advisory Board

  • Andrew Beebe
    Managing Director, Obvious Ventures
  • Stuart Bernstein
    Advisory Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Brandon Hurlbut
    Co-founder & Partner, Boundary Stone Partners
  • Cheryl Martin
    Founder, Harwich Partners
  • Lisa Wood
    Vice President, The Edison Foundation & Executive Director, Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI)


Join Our Team

We’re growing our team and we’re looking for smart and fun people. Current is expected to create 200 new jobs focused on software, sales, energy product management, engineering and finance over the next few years.

Want to learn more? Think you’re the right person for our team? Send us a note with your contact information and LinkedIn profile.

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