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Are you interested with working with Fortune 500 companies like JPMorgan Chase, Simon Properties, Hilton, and more? By partnering with Current, you can help provide partner solutions to customers in numerous industries. Use Current’s real-time sensor data in your applications to provide solutions to improve commercial and industrial building operations and productivity.

Who is Current?

Current, powered by GE creates Intelligent Environments. Current is helping commercial and industrial companies digitally transform. With our expertise in infrastructure as well as data collection and hosting, Current creates the backbone of an intelligent environment by providing the infrastructure to sense and collect data on a space. Our partners leverage this data to provide real and valuable outcomes for the customer. This enables our customers to understand, respond to, and predict changing aspects of their operations, driving greater efficiency and productivity in their business.

The Intelligent Environment

The data we make available to partners is collected from Current’s sensor array, often integrated with LED lighting to provide a bird’s eye view of the space and reduce maintenance and power needs. The data available to ecosystem partners ranges from precise positional data to environmental data such as temperature, light levels, and occupancy. More information and technical documentation can be found HERE.

Characteristics of our Partners -
How do you fit in?

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    Solve problems for Retail, Office, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and other Commercial/ Industrial companies today.
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    Have cloud-based applications and want to consume data streams through Current APIs.
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    Work with Current to make Intelligent Environments a reality for our customers.
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    Provide solutions such as meeting room management, operational space utilization and planning, real time alerts for customer assistance, proximity based marketing, and inventory management.

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