A major sporting goods manufacturer with operations in 160 countries was building a flagship 1.9 million-square-foot distribution center at a cost of $150 million. The goal was to erect a state-of-the-art facility with LED lighting and controls that could provide a technology platform for future IoT applications. The client also wanted to offset its 24 x 7 operational costs with energy savings while ensuring consistent lighting quality and employee comfort.


Current, powered by GE stepped up to the challenge with its Daintree sensor-enabled network, which was installed with LED fixtures to provide occupancy sensing, scheduling and task tuning. The solution was ideal because it is open and future-proof to allow easy addition of a variety of fixtures and sensors over time. Plus, the controls solution is wireless, which means it can be installed anywhere and costs roughly half of a hard-wired solution.


The company has gained from a 30 percent energy reduction through the combination of controls and LED lighting, with and an additional 20 percent savings from task tuning. What’s more, the company took advantage of $1 million in rebates and incentives related to the energy-efficient solution. The quality of light has improved, as has employee comfort, which positively impacts productivity. Because of these results, the customer is now installing Current’s sensor-enabled network at another distribution center.


Since the Daintree sensor-enabled network is an open, future-proof solution that uses a ZigBee mesh network (the leading standard for wireless building controls), it offers the flexibility to easily add a variety of fixtures and sensors over time. In the future, as the client continues down the path towards an intelligent environment, it can pull in new data from the platform and utilize third-party applications like one from Keonn that manages and tracks inventory in industrial environments through RFID readers and software technology. The investments today provide the foundation for future growth and optimization. 

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