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What's Best for Your Facility?

You know the possibilities. Now it’s time to dig into what’s right for your facility. What are the proven solutions available today? And how can you best identify energy-saving projects that will work for you?

Take this brief quiz and see where you land.


  1. Can you reduce energy costs in your facility?
  2. Are you able to reduce ongoing maintenance costs?
  3. Is proper visibility a challenge in your facility? Are certain areas difficult to light properly?
  4. Have you identified potential capital improvements? Have you been asked for a recommendation?
  5. Can you take advantage of local or state incentives to help reduce energy consumption at your facility?
  6. Have you been recently asked for solutions to improve productivity?
  7. Does maintenance for your lighting system present a challenge? Do you suffer increased downtime when needing to replace lighting?
  8. Is there incentive for your facility to achieve DLC certification?

If you’ve answered “yes” to more than half of these questions, it’s worth your while to seriously consider what a lighting upgrade can accomplish for your facility. If your business goals involve reducing energy, seeking green certification and incentive, and improving overall look and feel for optimized visibility and productivity, nowhere in your facility is there a more fitting solution than a comprehensive lighting upgrade.