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Well-Crafted Savings for Jo-Ann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Stores, Inc., the nation's largest fabric and craft retailer, is headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. Due to poor lighting conditions, the company's 777,350 square-foot outdoor parking lot needed a major lighting renovation. The company went in search of an aesthetically pleasing solution that would reduce costs and energy use, while improving safety.

Our Solution 

GE Evolve™ LED Series Area Lights

High-efficiency GE Evolve™ LED Series Area Lights came out on top. The project involved the replacement of 52 HID lighting systems on 35 poles, which took place over a four-week period. The LED system generates less light than the HID units, but the advanced optics of the LED luminaire directs its light more efficiently.

“Aesthetics have vastly improved with reductions in both glare and the overspill of light. There's also an evenness to outdoor LED systems that enhances visibility for visitors and employees, a benefit that can provide a greater sense of security.”

—Debbie Mansfield, director, energy and facilities for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Results & Benefits

Award-winning GE Evolve™ LED Series Area Lights combine the latest in LED system electronics, thermal management, and mechanical and optical design. The technology has reduced Jo-Ann's annual power use by 200,000 kilowatt hours (kWh), and the company is saving over 80 percent more energy compared to traditional HID lighting. The system's estimated 10-year service life is four times that of a standard HID system, cutting maintenance hassles and costs. The new lighting solution also provides a safer feeling for employees and customers.

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