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USG & GE Redefine LED Ceiling Lighting Design

USG and GE are redefining ceiling design with an integrated ceiling and LED lighting system designed to work together. USG partnered with GE for the ease of installation, energy and maintenance savings, and an innovative ceiling system. 

“This project proves that when a ceiling vendor and a lighting vendor are as tightly coordinated as GE and USG, the customer can count on a combined system that works perfectly together to deliver the best fit and finish,” said Jason Brown, manager of application solutions for GE.

Our Solution

USG reduced its lighting fixture count by 20 percent by replacing 25 2'x2′ U-lamp fluorescent fixtures with GE's 4′ Lumination BL Series LED lighting fixtures, arranged in four rows measuring 20 feet across. The innovative ceiling system combines USG's Logix Integrated Ceiling System acoustical tiles with GE's Lumination LED linear recessed luminaires, uniting aesthetics and performance by transforming the ceiling plane into a design element without the constraints of traditional ceilings.

Results & Benefits

GE's LED lighting cuts energy and maintenance costs for USG, while providing flexibility and freedom to create imaginative environments. 

Energy use decreased from 92 watts per fluorescent fixture (2,300 total watts) to 36 watts per LED fixture (720 total watts; 9 watts per foot of Lumination BL Series fixtures). At a 10-cent kWh rate for 40 hours a week of use (2,080 annual operating hours), this will save USG $328 annually in lighting energy costs.