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Partner Profile – LogicJunction

Illuminating the Path of Indoor Navigation.

Who is LogicJunction?

LogicJunction  is a Cleveland based interactive software provider and systems integrator specializing in Indoor Positioning Systems (“IPS”) and digital education. LogicJunction’s technology combines multiple data sources, including the earth’s geomagnetic field, to accurately detect a user’s position and provide them with indoor wayfinding, targeted messaging, and location aware training and education.

LogicJunction + Current, powered by GE

Integrating LogicJunction’s technology with Current, powered by GE's indoor positioning data allows LogicJunction to pinpoint a user's location with a previously unheard of level of precision.  LogicJunction SDK’s and apps will leverage this capability to power solutions requiring accuracy within inches rather than feet, such as location-specific emergency notifications, asset tracking, and physician routing optimization. This partnership allows us to seamlessly share and merge information with other data sources and devices, and so provide management with highly detailed reporting, dashboards, and visualization tools.

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