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Partner Profile – iOffice

Transform Your Workspace. 

Who is iOffice?

iOFFICE‘s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) designed to unleash the power of the workforce and the workplace. iOFFICE unifies the workplace around its 100% SaaS platform to collect real-time data and performance analytics to help workplace leaders take intelligent action for the future. The iOFFICE Marketplace leverages its platform to connect with mission-critical apps from HR and IT to energy and space optimization, wayfinding, sensors and IoT technologies to create the most productive workplaces on earth. Today, iOFFICE supports more than 2.1M users in 1,400 fast moving companies worldwide.

iOffice + Current, powered by GE

Occupancy data from Current, powered by GE’s sensors will be imported and displayed in iOffice’s reservation and space module to capture real-time space use/occupancy and provide interactive floor plan displays for users via mobile apps, desktop and room/lobby kiosks. Current’s data will be imported for analysis and planning. This will provide enhanced data insights to improve occupancy planning and portfolio management, maximize use of conference room/flex space, increase employee engagement and agility through improved space management and wayfinding, and real-time data and analytics for workplace leaders to track, plan and predict workforce and workplace dynamics.

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