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Partner Profile: Fract

Demand Forecasting & Planning with Geospatial Artificial Intelligence. 

Who is Fract?

Fract is a privately held business founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, CA. Fract helps fortune 1000 enterprise companies increase market share via a GeoSpatial Artificial Intelligence platform that integrates a variety of data points to generate actionable insights for improved revenue and ROI. They typically work with demand forecasting/supply chain, business intelligence and store planning departments to help understand and improve poor performing product lines or locations and optimize incremental revenues.

Fract + Current, powered by GE

Fract combines Current's environmental data with other retailer data to assess store performance. Fract's AI based platform provides recommendations to improve assortment and optimize the physical selling environment at the product, category, and store level. With Fract's Platform, retailers can optimize for varying regions, demographics, and behaviors across their enterprise.

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