Partner Profile: Breezometer

A Change Is in the Air

Breezometer partners with Current powered by GE


The partnership between Current, powered by GE, and BreezoMeter provides analytics surrounding air quality to help refine city mapping and increase climate-change initiatives.


Who is BreezoMeter?


BreezoMeter’s analytics provide real-time readings of traffic and weather patterns to help cities understand the environmental impact of air quality—all the way down to the streets. BreezoMeter’s software platform is paired with traffic insights from the LED infrastructure from Current, powered by GE. This ground-level approach to diagnoses and analytics can inform cities on the overlapping traffic trends and patterns affecting the environment most. With sensors in intelligent LEDs, there are now more data points than ever before—creating more opportunities to deliver the most accurate air quality data possible.


BreezoMeter + Current, powered by GE


With Current, powered by GE, and BreezoMeter, cities change the way they monitor air quality, and citizens can breathe easy knowing their city has a plan in place. Embedded sensors inside Current, powered by GE, intelligent fixtures provide ubiquitous environmental and traffic data to the BreezoMeter Air Quality Management Platform. This enables city officials to receive data to help identify the sources of air pollution, pinpoint the areas of concern and plan a course of action to help mitigate it.


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