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Imagine the possibilities to see, hear, and feel from streetlights placed throughout the city. Imagine quality public Wi-Fi access throughout urban environments. Current, powered by GE is partnering with the following companies to help cities better monitor their existing infrastructure (e.g. roadways, signs) by retrieving real-time data and images from intelligent streetlights and enabling portals that can be used to more efficiently manage cities and serve citizens’ needs.

  • Bring together all the city services and information in one single app consisting of: arrival information on public transportation, traffic cameras, alerts, municipal news and events, open pharmacies, gas stations prices, tourist information and routes, weather forecast, radars, public Wi-Fi zones, parks, free parking spots, local emojis, and more. Municipalities are now able to show their open data to serve the citizens, and city shops and businesses can offer their products and services.

If you’ve got a technology that can improve lives or grow business, we’re interested.