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Intelligent World Hackathon Summary

Current, powered by GE, challenged developers around the world to create solutions for apps that use live data from sensors in LED fixtures to help solve problems cities face with traffic, parking, public safety, urban planning, retail environments or building management.

The Winning App

Marauder mApp
A community-based application that recommends a safer route and provides a virtual escort to enhance pedestrian safety.

Second Place

Hearth An intelligent cities platform connects sensor-enabled street lights and traffic signals to create a real-time, city-scale social network for intelligent traffic management and emergency services offline.

Additional Awards: Pitney Bowes Integration, Best Student App

More Innovative Apps

Creates safer roads with clear and effective visualizations of vehicle and pedestrian flows for city planners.

Airport Traffic Monitor
Calculates the number of passengers entering and exiting airports to help manage airline security, staffing and wait times.

Ingenio Integrates government open data and live sensor data to provide insights, analytics and live alerts for efficient town planning and day-to-day living.

Loading Bay
Utilizes “Trucks” with indoor positioning systems to send coordinates, dwell-time metrics and tracking information to improve logistics and building management.

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