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Day One of Lightfair 2017 Highlights Emerging Trends & Advancements in Lighting Technology

More than 27,000 registered attendees, including design, lighting, architectural, engineering, energy, facility, and industry professionals from around the world.

Two hundred thousand square feet of exhibit space.

Five-hundred and fifty of the world’s leading manufacturers showcasing their latest lighting technologies and innovations.

Two hundred plus hours of world-class accredited education.

As the world’s largest annual lighting conference, Lightfair offers new discoveries, connectivity, knowledge, and solutions to propel lighting design quickly into the future.  The transformative power of innovation and imagination converge in this stunning display of light and technology – and Current, powered by GE is pleased to be a part of it all!

Day one of Lightfair 2017 kicked off with booth tours of Current’s lighting solutions (including new launches!) in action:

  • Daintree wireless lighting controls
  • Our family of LED tubes & lamps
  • Superior indoor LED technology, including reveal® TriGain™, which uses red phosphor to deliver better color
  • 2 NEW outdoor LED solutions: the E Evolve LED L-Series Wall Pack, EWLS & the Evolve LED Roadway Luminaire ERL2

Our team of expert product managers discussed with our customers how to unlock increased and new sources of ROI and productivity by upgrading their lighting.  An intelligent environment starts with energy efficiency through LED technology.

At Current, we believe strongly in the impact of connected lighting – and we are committed to helping our customers determine how and when to optimize energy spend, gain savings, and improve processes.

To that end, Current’s Shelli Sedlack, manager of the Lighting Institute and senior lighting specialist, joined a panel of experts to discuss important developments since Lightfair 2016 and provide insight and projections about future implementation of emerging technologies.

“The biggest change we’re seeing in lighting systems is two-way communication that allows us to capture data and puts us in the realm of IoT,” says Sedlak.  “Trends are showing us that we’re moving beyond just simple replacement technology into integrated solutions that go beyond delivering light.”

In fact, customers across all commercial and industrial segments are increasingly adopting digital network capabilities in conjunction with LED lighting upgrades.

During day one of Lightfair 2017, Current announced that we have expanded our development partner ecosystem to more than 100 companies; our Daintree wireless control networks are now installed across locations spanning 200 million square feet of space in commercial buildings, retail stores, and industrial facilities.

We are also paving the way for future digital lighting innovation by expanding our reveal® TriGain™ technology offering across our popular Lumination Series of energy-efficient LEDs, offering a significant opportunity for customers particularly in the retail space.

“At Current, we’re helping customers not only optimize color quality and energy efficiency, but also how they’re operating their businesses,” says Jerry Duffy, General Manager, LED Technology.  “That’s the power of our lighting today.”

Stay tuned for additional Lightfair conference takeaways!

To learn more about the benefits LED lighting can bring to a range of environments, download our LED 101 e-book.