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CivicSmart Partner Profile – smart parking

CivicSmart and Current, powered by GE, team up to provide an optimized parking enforcement solution that also enables cities to better understand on-street parking utilization.

Who Is CivicSmart?

CivicSmart, Inc. is a leading innovator of “Smart City” parking products, technologies and services, including vehicle detection sensors, smart parking meters, wireless handheld enforcement devices, electronic permits and comprehensive data management systems. Today 2,000 cities manage their on-street parking programs with the help of over 1 million CivicSmart parking devices. These cities are leveraging the value of real-time occupancy, payment and enforcement data to better understand traffic and parking patterns, set parking rates and hours, reduce congestion and pollution, maximize staff productivity and asset utilization, and increase revenues.

CivicSmart + Current, powered by GE: 

The smart parking solution developed by CivicSmart and Current enables cities to optimally manage their parking infrastructure.

Real-time data from sensors in intelligent fixtures from Current add a game-changing component to CivicSmart's industry-leading parking solutions. This, in turn, leads to improved parking asset utilization, which drives local business revenue and citizen satisfaction.

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