ALADAN PLUS Lighting Design Program


Aladan Plus Lighting Design Program

  1. 1. Download Install Files Here* (ZIP | 61 MB)
  2. 2. Extract the compressed ZIP file
  3. 3. Open the Aladan Installation PDF and follow steps



*PLEASE NOTE: This software has been unsupported since 2008 and is provided as-is for personal use. Follow the install instructions provided in the Zip file. This program is optimized for Windows XP and may have difficulty running on newer Microsoft operating systems. Current, powered by GE, is not liable to warranty the accuracy of the calculation results or the suitability of the software for any purpose. Current, powered by GE, does not offer any technical support, such as installation assistance or any functionality assistance to utilize this software.


**It is not recommended to use Aladan for indoor calculations with LED (absolute photometry) IES files. While the outdoor and roadway modules of the application will read absolute format photometry, the calculation results may not be accurate. Use software at your own risk.



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