When Collection Auto Group learned it could save more than it would spend to light its lots with new outdoor LED fixtures, the Ohio-based auto dealer struck a sweet deal with GE. Operating across Northeast Ohio, the company represents 21 brands including Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and Aston Martin. Its goal is to convert all of its 14 dealerships to new outdoor LED lighting in one year, starting with its flagship Mercedes-Benz location in North Olmsted.

The Expectation

“Lighting in a car dealership is extremely important for a few reasons,” says Bernie Moreno, president of Collection Auto Group. “Of course we have a lot of inventory, so we’ve got to make sure the vehicles are safely displayed outside. Secondly, dealerships use lighting to capture your attention as you’re driving by. And third, the light must represent the color of the vehicle properly. A lot of lights out there can make a car’s color look wrong, and that really affects the customer experience in a very bad way.”

Our Solution

Evolve LED Area Lights drawing between 101 and 217 watts will replace predominantly 400- and 1,000-watt high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures at Collection Auto Group’s Mercedes-Benz, Nissan (Middleburg Heights), Acura/Infiniti (Cleveland), Maserati (Cleveland) and Buick/GMC (Beachwood) dealerships.

GE’s comprehensive outdoor LED lighting solution includes pole-mounted fixtures and wall packs attached to buildings, bathing the lots in crisp, white, uniform light.

Results & Benefits

Collection Auto Group’s five-year lighting expense will be discounted by nearly $400,000 as the result of using 660,000 fewer kilowatt hours (kWhs) while virtually eliminating upkeep for years to come. Combining energy and maintenance reductions, the lighting swap will save Collection Auto Group nearly $77,000 a year (based on a $0.11 kWh rate and 12 hours of operation a day).

“It’s a decision that every dealership will eventually have to make, and you’re better off doing it now and getting the benefits that exist today that may not exist in the future. We looked at it as a pure savings scenario and that’s why we’re excited to be the first dealership group to convert entirely to LED outdoor lighting.”

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