How does your city enable adaptive traffic solutions?

Imagine traffic lights adapting in real-time and allowing EMS vehicles the right of way. Imagine no more circling around for on-street parking in urban environments. Current, powered by GE is partnering with the following companies to optimize traffic flow, enable adaptive traffic management, improve parking utilization, and guide drivers to nearby parking spaces.

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    A city can manage its parking infrastructure to unlock the value of its streets and drive growth in core business districts.

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    No more circling the block looking for parking or wasting time stuck in traffic. Technology identifies open spaces and guides the driver there, while traffic views give the fastest route home.

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    Allow customer control of their systems and data while offering the maximum integration possibilities with new or existing third party data systems. IPSens offers a comprehensive parking data management solution designed to comply with open systems data protocols. The solution consists of several operational data management modules to manage parking occupancy tracking, parking enforcement, device monitoring and maintenance.

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    Our convenient parking spot finder navigates drivers to open spaces, and recognizes when they arrive so that drivers only get charged for the time they actually park. Additionally, parking operators get unprecedented data on how their lots are utilized.

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    Gain access to information on 38 million parking spots in over 75 countries. Find, reserve and pay for parking all at the click of a button online, on mobile, and in-car.

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    Reduce traffic congestion with adaptive traffic management. Municipalities can gain valuable insights into roadway utilization.

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    Aggregate and mine transaction level data from parking systems (smart meters, gate arms, pay stations, mobile payments and others) to provide owners and managers of parking assets with holistic business intelligence software designed to optimize the pricing, inventory allocation and management of parking assets.

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    An integrative multi-feed platform providing motorists and autonomous vehicles precise guidance to the closest available on-street or off-street parking spot in real-time; and back-end behavioral analytics & management tools supporting multi-objective, sustainable optimization of all transportation resources.

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