Store Operations & Planning

How does your retail business save time and money on daily operations?

Imagine leveraging POS data, customer data, video analytics, and more to improve merchandise planning and forecasting, allocate store resources efficiently, and maximize floor plan layout. Current, powered by GE has partnered with the following companies to help bring these and other capabilities to life.

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    Enterprise-grade location marketing & analytics platform to get granular real-time insights such as demographics, heatmaps, walking paths, dwell time and footfall. Enable wayfinding and indoor navigation. Understand visitor behavior and enable rich in-venue experiences.

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    Predictive analytics enable increased sales, margins and reduced markdowns by placing the right product, in the right place, at the right time, down to a specific location.

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    Bring simplicity, style, and mobility to the point of sale experience and help single and multi-location businesses sell more and better connect with their loyal customers. iConnect offers a beautiful front end experience with sophisticated back office marketing and management tools.

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    Create smart environments through an ambient intelligence engine combining location, digital, and sensory data. Build environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence and habits of people and are used in security, marketing, operational efficiency and automation areas.

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    Shoppers get answers to the two most common questions in retail - "Do you have it?" and "Where can I find it?" This leads to increased sales and useful data to help retailers improve store operations.

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    Plexure helps marketers weave together seamless customer experiences across digital devices, IoT devices, and API services. Plexure provides analytics and automation tools to measure and optimize these real world transactions.

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    Retailers gain insights on how customers shop, their traffic patterns, how often and how long they visit, how they enter the store, and more to influence store layout, staffing, and other factors to improve shopper experience.

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