Space Planning & Optimization


Imagine the ability to organize space more efficiently, improve conference room management, ensure employee comfort, and easily guide visitors through workspaces. Current, powered by GE has partnered with the following companies to help bring these and other capabilities to life.

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    Create smart environments through an ambient intelligence engine combining location, digital, and sensory data. Build environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence and habits of people and are used in security, marketing, operational efficiency and automation areas.

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    Equip C-suite executives, strategic planners, and facilities and workplace leaders with the real-time data and communications tools they need to plan effectively for the future of their workforce and workplace. The iOFFICE Marketplace unifies the workplace around one real-time platform by allowing critical apps to collaborate to create the most productive workplaces on earth.

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    Better manage meeting rooms and forecast workspace needs with analytics of how rooms are used, plus real-time views of open rooms to save time searching.

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    Businesses can visualize their space utilization to make better decisions on their real estate needs and provide just-in-time wayfinding tools to their employees.

Interested in Partnering?

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